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    NdFeB process, you do right?
    Date: 2017-10-09   Hit: 3486

    1. Preparation and pretreatment of raw materials

    Process Description: the raw materials for weighing, broken, broken material and rust and other pretreatment.

    Process equipment: steel cutting machine, roller polishing machine


    Process Description: After the pretreatment of raw materials praseodymium neodymium, pure iron, boron iron in accordance with the proportion of ingredients, adding vacuum melting furnace, under the protection of argon in the high temperature smelting after the rejection. Making the product composition uniform, high degree of crystal orientation, good organization consistency, and to avoid the formation of ɑ-Fe.

    Process equipment: vacuum melting furnace

    3. Hydrogen explosion

    Introduction: Hydrogen explosion (HD) process, is the use of rare earth intermetallic compounds hydrogen absorption characteristics, the NdFeB alloy placed in the hydrogen environment, hydrogen along the neodymium-rich phase into the alloy layer, so that burst burst and broken, along Rich neodymium layer at the crack, to ensure that the main grain and rich neodymium grain boundary phase integrity. HD process makes NdFeB's throwing film becomes very loose, greatly improving the efficiency of air milling mill, reducing production costs.

    Process equipment: vacuum hydrogen treatment furnace

    4. Baking

    Process Description: Air grinding powder is the use of high-speed collision of the material itself to crush the grinding chamber wall without wear, no pollution, you can efficiently prepare the powder.

    Process equipment: air grinding

    5. Molding orientation

    Process Description: The role of orientation is to make the chaotic orientation of the powder particles easy to magnetize the direction of c axis to the same direction up to get the maximum remanence. The main purpose of the press is to press the powder into a certain shape and size of the crush, while maintaining as much as possible in the magnetic field orientation obtained in the degree of grain orientation. We designed the use of forming magnetic field press and isostatic press for secondary molding, for the special-shaped magnets, the use of special mold tooling, direct molding, sintered magnets only need a little surface treatment can be put into use, significant savings in materials And subsequent processing costs.

    Process equipment: magnetic field press, isostatic press

    6. Sintering

    Process Description: sintering is to crush at high temperatures under a series of physical and chemical changes, is a simple and cheap material can change the microstructure to improve the magnetic properties of materials approach. Sintering is the final forming process of the material, the magnet density and microstructure has a very important impact.

    Process equipment: vacuum sintering furnace

    7. Machining

    Process Description: After sintering NdFeB magnets are rough, the need for further machining to obtain a variety of different sizes, sizes and shapes of the product. NdFeB magnets due to relatively brittle, poor mechanical properties, generally only use grinding and cutting.

    Process equipment: surface grinder, double face grinder, chamfering machine

    8. Surface treatment

    Brief introduction of the process: Surface treatment of rare earth permanent magnets of various shapes, such as electrophoresis, galvanizing, nickel, nickel copper nickel and phosphating, etc., to ensure the appearance and corrosion resistance of the product.

    9. Finished product inspection and packaging

    Process Description: the product of a variety of magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, high temperature performance, etc. to test, after the standard packaging to meet the various needs of customers.

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    Add:Xizhai industrial zone, Geshan town, Dongyang city, Zhejiang province

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